Far Bailment Agreement

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March 21, 2022



A far bailment agreement is a legal contract between two parties, where one party (the bailor) entrusts property to another party (the bailee) for safekeeping or some other purpose. This type of bailment involves the transfer of property over a long distance, where the bailor cannot be physically present to oversee the property`s care and protection.

Examples of far bailment agreements include shipping goods overseas, sending a valuable painting to an art gallery for display, or leasing a car to a person who lives in another state. In all of these scenarios, the bailor is entrusting their property to the bailee for a specific period or purpose, with the expectation that the property will be returned to them in the same condition it was received.

To ensure that a far bailment agreement is legally binding, it must contain certain elements. Firstly, the agreement must clearly identify the property being transferred, including any identifying marks or serial numbers. The agreement must also specify the duration of the bailment, the purpose for which the property is being entrusted to the bailee, and any fees or compensation to be paid.

Additionally, the agreement should outline the responsibilities of both parties. The bailor must ensure that the property is in good condition before handing it over and provide any necessary instructions or information to the bailee. The bailee, in turn, must exercise reasonable care and diligence in protecting the property and returning it to the bailor.

It is important to note that a far bailment agreement does not transfer ownership of the property to the bailee. The bailor retains ownership and has the right to reclaim their property at the end of the bailment period.

As with any legal contract, it is essential to have a far bailment agreement reviewed by a qualified attorney to ensure that it complies with all relevant laws and regulations. Additionally, it is advisable to obtain insurance to cover any loss or damage to the property while it is in the bailee`s care.

In conclusion, a far bailment agreement is a crucial legal contract that facilitates the safe transfer of property over long distances. By ensuring that all necessary elements are included in the agreement and that both parties understand their responsibilities, the risk of loss or damage to the property can be minimized, and the transaction can proceed smoothly and securely.

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